Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Too Late

     I stood there, while the creatures fought for hours. My heart stopped at the moment. Fire and ice surrounded me. I was burned alive and then frozen. The dragons only seemed to fight on. There was no way for me to escape this painful terror. My strength was weak and the I could carry on no longer. So I fell, I fell through the clouds and the sky. I almost believed I was an angel, drunk on the butterflies in my stomach. When I hit the ground, my whole body finally gave in and broke. The grass was cool on my skin, and my life was numb. I wanted to feel something to let me know I was alive. But I was afraid that the pain would be too much for me to handle. I was stained red with the blood of others and myself. My eyes continued to flutter as I looked up in the sky and saw the clashing colors. It was almost like a fireworks show but the screams of people and innocents were unavoidable. I knew that others were falling from the sky and that they themselves would not survive.
     If only I could crawl into a hole and be found somehow. I knew that I would die because it was just a part of life. It was a natural cycle. But some had more time then others. I closed my eyes trying to welcome in the common fact that death was near. But I wanted to live, didn't everyone? It only kept me clinging to the earth. I was a broken toy and would be left in the playground behind the woods, where no one would find me until the earth was dug up and it was to late.


  1. and the cool font of the comments :P

  2. Haha, thanks, I actually enjoy the font too. And do you blog or did you just decide to comment on mine?

  3. I have before, just not purposefully

  4. Ahh okay. Well you should look at the other stuff to!
    I think that you will like Midnight for Dusk.