Friday, February 17, 2012

Lala land

Butterfly colors all around in the air.
Oceans inviting me to the depths for tea.
Dreams for the tree branches to grasp.
Shooting stars that give you wings.
I wait for the full moon to arise so we can sit and talk about the months as they pass by.
A new year came and is now gone.
Roses are blushing at this sight.
People say I am crazy, but really it isn't true.
I only express myself in ways only nymphs can tell.
The music from their harps carries me.
Lala land is not to far away, but it seems like miles.
I walk through the forests only to find that Dorothy was wrong about the lions and tigers and bears.
I look and wonder how a purple heart can change a sunset.
A house appears in the forest and I walk in.
A witch wants to cook me up, but she is the one to fall.
I ride swans down a river to gold.
And find a dragon.
The dragon takes me away and we fall in love.
I love my dragon.
We fly to the clouds and find a mountain top.
My dragon melts the snow and makes spring come early.
We lay there, together and wonder where the seasons have gone.
They like to hide.
So, we decided to play a game.
To find summer and bring it's warmth to our hearts.
The game hasn't ended but I know I am going to find it somehow.
When I find summer, I awake in my bed.
The dawn is coming up and I know my dragon is looking for me now.
I wait all day for night to come and then I walk through the door.
It leads me to my fairytales once more.
Neverland and Peter Pan welcome me back.
And the child inside of us all goes to fly with the dragon.

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