Tuesday, April 17, 2012

At The Edge

On the edge of this world there is a window. And at this window there is a life. A life that is misunderstood as it watches time go by. It seems that this life on the outside has everything perfect, but as it gets deeper it has been crushed and has fell.
It is surrounded by darkness, and the dark can be scary and lonely. No one can rescue you or so it seems. It is like an endless tunnel.
The betrayal in the life's eyes were so true. It seemed like everything was a lie, or was it? Each word that played through the life's mind was carefully analyzed. Cautious and self destructive this life was.
The people in the middle of the earth could not get the life's feelings. People judged and rejected, and so the shack with the window on the edge of the world walls where that life stayed.
The life would curl up and die for hours. Then the life plastered on a face like a poster girl, and walked into the city of lies. 
The life didn't belong there. I t didn't really belong anywhere.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


I looked up at the sky and remembered what I once was. I thought back to the time of happiness, and hand picked flowers. The pink dress flounced in every direction as I skipped through the garden. A fence was too high to climb over and a stone was an island in the water. A place, where you could escape. Now, I wish I was that small in the woods. Where my laughs echoed.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


We have all fought our whole life, even if we are the invisible
Some fight the secrets that slowly kill them inside, while others fight the beatings put on them.
It leaves a mark no matter what.
I will live, or so they tell me.
And I will soar  across the galaxy. 
To remind myself that there will be something there, someday.
Dying today, won't let you live tomorrow.
I want to remember this.~