Friday, February 17, 2012

Little Marks Of Us

The spring is coming,
the flowers will burst.
But alone I will wait
On the doorstep of yours.
And when the sun rises,
I'll walk away.
Butterflies will chase my heart,
but I know I am too late.
Love fades and yours did.
Mine never will.
Summerset grant me one wish.
To see you again in the rain,
to dance and laugh once again.
White roses have turned to red and a tear escapes.
The queen of cards knows I have lost the gamble with my love.
A bitter sweet dusk.
Time is a friend and an enemy,
make it enchant.
Destruction is all around, and as the sprouts come up from the ground, remember me.
My hand rubs the surface of concrete with our initials and looks for those little marks of us.
We left, making us known.
Each place has a meaning. Each notebook has a word.
There is a dream of moments and each passes by.
A picture put on the wall of the sea can let you run.
But if you keep on running, where will you end?
I will be a sparrow and fly to the next destination.
Chase me or catch me.
Or if you please, leave me there.

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