Wednesday, March 7, 2012

~A Shadow That Moves Through The Night

The black in your heart can not be replaced by another color.
You will always be the storm in my life.
Something will always drive us apart.
I can't breathe anymore, I am choking on this.
So far apart, but so close.
Is it temporary or not?
Screaming only makes it worse.
Picture all the hell breaking loose.
That's me now.
Rumors don't hurt me anymore, or do they?
Secrets only kill,
And the canvas has been stained.
It's no longer white.
I am only dying.
Pull me to the top or knock me to the bottom.
A yellow eye stares back at me,
It's emptiness mirroring your love.
Goodbye world, or so I think.
Books have said I would disappear,
and I only fade each day ever more.
Look a me and then look at the words written in blood on the walls.
There is no more time.
I dive in, but there is no relief.
A shadow that haunts us,
runs through the night.
If only I could catch it and leave.

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